Step by Step Guide for Aadhar Card Donwload, E-Aadhar Card Download Process

UIDAI has a good mechanism of aadhar card download. The people who lose their card or make correction to it can easily get new UID card. Moreover, they do not even need to leave their home for this. The best part is that the service is completely free. If you do not have a printer then you need to pay for the printout but eaadhar card download is free. We have provided all the things you need to know about the eaadhaar in this article. Unlinke other governemtn issued id getting a duplicate adhar card is just a few minutes task.

Eaadhar Card:

Here we will quickly cover what Eaaadhar card is. UIDAI uploads the duplicate UID card on the official website. This duplicate card is in PDF file. Therefore it is called E-Aadhar Card.

Moreover, according to UIDAI’s guidelines, printout of Eaadhaar is a valid identity proof. So doesn’t matter if you have lost your adhar card or if you changed you address and want a new card with the new address.

aadhar card download

How to download aadhar card online:

Here we have mentioned the steps to download the UID card from Please note that one can download the adhar card from the official website only. However one must have aadhar card number or EID number to download.

One also needs his/her registered phone number for this. If the registered phone number is lost, then you need to update a new number first. It is not possible to complete aadhar card download process without the above things.

eaadhar card

So if you do not have the adhar number then, retrieve it also. Retrieval portal is available on So if you have everything then, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official website and click on Download Aadhaar Card.
  • Next, fill the aadhaar number, full name, pin code and security code.
  • Now, click on Get OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and click on Download.
  • Finally, the save the PDF file.

Eaadhar card download click here

Eaadhar Signature Validate:

Once people download the card they need a PDF reader like acrobat reader to open it. You need password to open the file. Your area pin code is the password. Once the file opens it will tell you that one or more signature in this file needs validation.

Therefore you have to validate it and then it will be ready for download. The steps for validating the signature are below.

  • Fist click on the signature then click on signature properties.
  • Next, click on “Certificates”.
  • After that, click on trusts.
  • Now, click on add to trusted source.
  • Next, select all the certificates and add them to trusted source.
  • Finally, click on validate to validate the signature.

The signature will turn from yellow question mark to green tick mark. This indicates that everything is ok and you can print it now.

Hope the guide on aadhar card download was helpful. If you face any problem while following the steps, then comment below. We also recommend others to do read the other article on this website for more detials on the adhar card.

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